Whit’s Warriors

About Whit's Warriors



The Big Whit 77 Foundation will be taking the 2019 year to review the Whit's Warriors Scholarship program and determine our next steps moving forward, therefore, scholarships or a leadership conference will not be offered this year.  It is important to us that we serve the community well and we look forward to what the future may hold.  

The Whit’s Warriors Scholarship Program supports students in Ouachita and Lincoln parishes in higher education. The Foundation has awarded over $550,000 in scholarships and school supplies to date!  Whit’s Warriors is a highly sought after scholarship opportunity that seeks students who excel in leadership within both their school and community.

All qualifying students who apply are invited to attend a dynamic Leadership Conference featuring Q and A with Andrew and Melissa Whitworth, a panel of community professionals, and team building activities. 

Students have repeatedly mentioned the Whit’s Warriors Leadership Conference as a memorable experience.

“The Whit's Warriors Leadership Conference was such a great experience because I was able to connect with other driven students from other schools in my area.  I even met one of my now best friends in college at the conference!"

• Mackenzie Compton - Whit’s Warrior 2016