Dr. Stokley is a retired Professor of Sociology, Louisiana Tech University (1971-2011) and now serves as a consultant to public/private agencies as well as individual political candidates. He is a Registered Public Opinion Pollster for the State of Louisiana and works as a real estate consultant with investors across the U.S. He is family oriented and loves being Grand Dad, Uncle/Great Uncle to his son, brother, and sister’s extended families.  Dr. Stokley began his time on the board in 2010 after being recruited by Melissa and Andrew Whitworth.  He states that his favorite program is the Whit's Warriors.  Having served as a Professor in Higher Education in the State of Louisiana for 40 years it is imperative that scholarships be provided so that students can attend and graduate from the LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE that is a college.  When he is not busy working he geniounly enjoys people of all ages, race/ethnic, social class, and religion, as well as reading, movies, and travel, playing full court basketball and golf.