Scholarship Applications for 2018 are available by download and will be in schools early 2018.

Criteria for the Whit’s Warriors Include:

  • 3.0 GPA
  • Campus and Community Participation
  • Athletic or Arts Involvement
  • Ouachita or Lincoln Parish High School Senior

Due Date:  January 20th, 2018

Students should mail the application along with the requested essay to the address provided and POSTMARKED by January 20th, 2018. There is not an available office site to drop off the application.

TIP:  Students MUST provide an accurate email address that is checked regularly. Email will be the primary form of communication. Please make sure the address is legible.

Leadership Conference:  FEBRUARY 24, 2018

Students are expected to attend the Leadership Conference and will receive an email with further instructions and necessary paperwork to complete.

All students who apply and are eligible are invited to attend the Leadership Conference.   Students should attend dressed comfortably as a t-shirt will be provided at the event.  The Leadership Conference proves year after year to be an outstanding experience.

Attendance is MANDATORY to remain eligible to receive the scholarship unless an excuse is approved.  


After the Leadership Conference, applicants are narrowed down for an in person interview.  Applicants are notified by email of their selection. Students MUST VERIFY THEIR INTERVIEW TIME. This is a great experience and practice for students for future professional interviews.

Once the Whit’s Warriors are chosen, students will receive a letter in the mail with the notification.  Awards will be presented at high school awards day.